POSMAN is a solution that helps your business control sales, inventory, loyalty, promotion programs and more

What is POSMAN?

POSMAN retail software is a simple retail management system, developed based on the best practices transferred by SAP’s, and adjusted accordingly retail market in Vietnam.

Challenge of retail industry

Customer-centric: Difficult to develop pricing strategies, promotions that target customers’ needs.

Purchasing and supplier management: It is difficult to manage supplier networks and supply chains effectively when the number of suppliers and goods is large.
Supply Chain Management: The supply chain cannot meet the needs of customers when there are many requirements and requirement become complicated.
Omnichannel Customer Experience: High customer consumption negatively affects sales and profit goals.
Human resources, finance, and technology background: Lack of consistent information to act quickly on market fluctuations.

Strategies for success in the modern retail market

Put customers at the center of decisions to categorize, come up with appropriate pricing and promotions, and create seamless omni-channel interactions.
Make a difference through digital transformations. On that basis, value-added services are created to meet the individual needs and preferences of each customer.
Connect the supply chain from supplier to consumer on a digitized platform to enable faster response, more sustainable operations, and offer a variety of new services.
Stores become customer experience hubs or supply locations – redefining the role of retail stores to make them an asset rather than an expense.
Leverage deep customer insights and scale to identify new business opportunities that deliver exceptional value to customers.

What are type of retail that POSMAN can be applied ?

Footwear and Accessories

Integration with SAP Business One

The combination of POSMAN (a retail management system) and SAP Business One (a ERP software) gives customers a total, reliable solution to meet the requirements of the modern retail market. More information about SAP Business One can be found here


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