• ERP User Acceptance Testing: Should You Add it to Your Project Plan?
    You may already know the various culprits that can contribute to ERP failure. While software issues can derail a project, the most common culprits are related to the implementation approach. One example of a common failure point related to an organization’s implementation approach is neglecting ERP user acceptance testing. This overlooked success factor involves the use of real-life testing … Read More
  • When One Item Has Multiple Codes
    Some items like unique diamond jewelry or patented medicines can be purchased only from the specific vendor, but these are the rare cases. Most of the goods are supplied today by multiple vendors and brands while having the same or very similar qualities – e.g. matches, paper clips, or hamburger buns. If you have in … Read More
  • Get Your First Inventory Item Picture Recognition App Live in 15 Minutes
    It all began on a co-innovation project together with an SAP Partner and his customer which needed to identify spare parts, with no serial number or barcode printed on it. After the prototype was build, the core functionality of the prototype has been transformed into an open source sample code to get a head start … Read More